Permaculture Consultation Service

for the intermediate to advanced level of experience


According to the principles laid out in the mission statement section, with emphasis on system change at the heart of genuine permaculture, alternative compensation must be considered that corresponds to establishment of this natural system. However, a step-wise layered or transitional approach must be considered, congnizant of the reality of our current global situation as well as the permaculture principles and goals. Whereas monetary compensation is rooted at the heart of the artificial demoralizing system, direct exchange ("gifting") and ultimately sharing is at the heart of the natural system. However, the latter must be done in a way to optimize a meritocracy – as it follows the natural law / law of consequences – the most productive and sustaining elements are most awarded and supported. These "awards" or compensation should increasingly move away from the current form of exchange ("money", a much less than worthless currency that fuels the artificial demoralization death socioeconomic system with its anonymity hiding the hideous crimes that produce and sustain its value) to exchange of real knowledge, experience, skills, and resources that promote life / natural living (without net exploitation of nature and lobor both short- and long-term), sources of true wealth. However, the latter also necessarily require local exchange. Consequently, there needs to be increasing attempts to move towards local exchange by promoting community living at least at a distance to make this process feasible – similar to traditional communities. Nevertheless, transitionally some forms of exchange (e.g., online exchange of knowledge, skills, tools including softwares, etc. which still promote establishment of genuine scientific permaculture) could still be feasible and should be considered, as long as this is temporary while moving towards "localism", as the essential trend.
The actual type of exchange therefore needs to be discussed and decided on a case-by-case basis depending on the context of the needs and abilities of both parties as well as optimally advancing permaculture.